Channel Migration Easement Giving Campaign 

November 15th – December 31st

For every $25 donated, you will be entered into our Giving Campaign Raffle (items below)!

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We are working hard to restore, enhance, and protect the waterways that make life in Montana spectacular. Our streams, rivers, and wetlands are the lifeblood of the people, wildlife, and plants across the state. These waterways are complex and fragile, however, and are not immune to threats. That’s why we’re raising money to expand our Channel Migration Easement (CME) Program to protect the Yellowstone River and other river systems across Montana.

Rivers have a natural tendency to meander back and forth across the land. This migration across a river’s floodplain is critical for flood and drought mitigation and provides habitat for plants, fish, and wildlife. The reduction in flow speed, improved streamside vegetation cover, and shallow water habitat created by migrating rivers are vital to fishery health.

As development increases near our waterways, however, landowners are turning to bank armoring to stop river migration. CMEs work with landowners to protect rivers from bank armoring on their land. The idea is that the landowner is paid for bank armoring rights and can still use their land, but as the river marches over and starts to erode that land, they won’t try to stop it. It’s a win-win solution for landowners, their neighbors, and the environment.


$25 Stream Supporter: protects 670 square feet of riparian habitat

$50 Tributary Advocate: protects 1,340 square feet of riparian habitat

$100 Wetland Protector: protects 2,680 square feet of riparian habitat

$500 River Steward: protects 13,400 square feet of riparian habitat

$1,000 Watershed Steward: protects 26,800 square feet of riparian habitat

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We’re one of the first and only organizations spearheading this program. With your help we can implement more CMEs and lead the nation in this innovative approach to conservation!

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Raffle Contents (about an $1,000 value!):

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