MARS’ staff is passionate and committed to the mission of restoring and protecting Montana’s aquatic resources. Though small in numbers, MARS staff possesses years of experience working on water resource issues in Montana. MARS is also committed to developing young professionals through participation in the Big Sky Watershed AmeriCorps Program.

Wendy Weaver

Wendy Weaver | Executive Director

Wendy is a licensed professional civil engineer with over 20 years in land development, water, wastewater infrastructure, and water resource design. Wendy is a member of the Montana State University (MSU) Civil Engineering Advisory Committee, and serves as a Professional Mentor of MSU Engineers Without Borders, working to bring clean water and sanitation to elementary schools in rural Kenya. She has also worked as a consultant with the Northern Plains Resource Council and the Stillwater Mine on their Good Neighbor Agreement, which was developed between the community and the mine to protect the area’s quality of life, agricultural land and water. She strongly believes in protecting and enhancing Montana’s valuable water resources, and promoting landscape resiliency, and more often than not– can be found on or near water.


Lauren Alleman | Project Manager

Lauren is a wetland ecologist utilizing her training in GIS, wetland science, habitat equivalency analysis, functional assessments, and field biology to design and implement habitat mitigation/rehabilitation projects for MARS. She has a B.S. in Natural Resources Management from Colorado State University and a masters in Biology from the University of Louisiana. She has worked on EPA-funded assessment on the condition of the wetlands in sub-watersheds of Colorado and the Natural Resources Damage process after the Deepwater Horizon spill. She created a habitat management plan for Central Park’s forests and streams and worked as lead ecologist for The Nature Conservancy’s New York City Program.

Lauren is dedicated to preserving the country’s wetland resources through creative and innovative means. She spends her free time pursuing the things that got her hooked on conservation – fly fishing, turning over rocks in streams, botanizing, backpacking, and painting animals with antlers.

Jeannette Blank | Project Manager

Jeannette joined MARS in September 2018 and is excited to be part of MARS’ continued success in preserving and restoring Montana’s aquatic resources. She brings 20 years of wetland science and regulatory experience to the MARS project management team. Her professional experience has been primarily focused on terrestrial and aquatic habitat related projects providing impact planning, habitat assessment, restoration/mitigation, and permitting/regulatory support for the energy, transportation, government, and private business sectors. Prior to joining MARS, Jeannette was a senior environmental scientist and project manager for many years in the private sector; and most recently was the senior permitting/regulatory specialist for the Energy Research Institute at Montana State University. She has called Livingston, MT home for the last 17 years, and when she’s not working, you can usually find Jeannette out hiking, skiing, gardening, camping, or spending time on the mighty Yellowstone River.

Aspen Ward | Big Sky Watershed Corps Member

Aspen joined the MARS team in January 2019 through the Big Sky Watershed Corps (BSWC) program. This will be the fifth year MARS has participated in the BSWC program, hosting a member for an eleven month term of service. The program works to help address community education, public safety, environmental, and other human needs. Aspen comes to the program with a BS in resource conservation from the University of Montana and six years ecological research in the field that took her all around North America and Iceland. Her previous work has focused on disturbance and forest ecology, soil conservation, and adaptive management. While with MARS, Aspen will focus on project planning, assist with project implementation and monitoring, and mapping in GIS. She firmly believes in developing and improving strategies that focus on the protection and resiliency of Montana’s natural resources. When she is not in the office, Aspen will inevitably be climbing, skiing, painting, and baking bread.