About Us

Our Mission

To restore, enhance and preserve Montana’s aquatic resources to maximize their ecological function into the future.


Who We Are

Montana Aquatic Resources Services, Inc. (MARS) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2011 out of concern at the rapid aquatic resource degradation across our state. Originally formed for the purpose of sponsoring the Statewide In-Lieu Fee Mitigation Program, MARS has and continues to develop other programs that pursue innovative solutions to aquatic resource challenges and fit within our mission. The board and staff include knowledgeable and experienced natural resource consultants, business-men and -women, agency specialists and non-profit conservation experts.

What We Do

MARS works to identify and implement aquatic restoration projects that enhance stream and wetland functions, conserve clean water, and improve fish and wildlife habitat. We primarily pursue market-based funding sources and grant opportunities to sustain our organization and programs. Some important aspects of our projects include the following:

  • MARS collaborates with public and private land managers to leverage restoration dollars to maximize habitat values;
  • Assumes responsibility to mitigate permitted impacts through professional, efficient, and timely services;
  • Bridges the gap between unavoidable or unintended resource impacts and restoration of wetlands and streams;
  • Relies on the expertise and local, on-the-ground knowledge of aquatic resource professionals, consultants, and contractors statewide to design and construct high-quality restoration projects;
  • Targets restoration efforts toward rare, threatened, or critical aquatic habitats; and
  • Enlists restoration and resource professionals statewide to identify high quality, ecologically significant restoration projects.