Predict the Peak!

Predict the Peak! A Fundraiser for MARS

Predict the peak flow measurement of the Yellowstone River at the USGS Livingston gauge.
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Each spring as snowpack melts in the mountains, the runoff brings the highest flows of the year to the Yellowstone River. This “peak flow” changes year-to-year in timing and volume, and is becoming increasingly variable. Climate change is causing rising temperatures, lower snowpack, earlier runoff, and variation in precipitation, all of which affect the health of our streams and rivers.

Please join us each spring in a fun way to engage with and contribute to the protection of the Yellowstone by guessing what the peak flow will be at the USGS Livingston gauge for that year. For this fundraiser, we ask folks for a set donation per guess (in cubic feet/second, cfs). Make as many guesses as you like!

Your donations will help us continue to protect rivers and streams in Montana. Thank you for your support.

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